Ganesh OM

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The picture of Ganesha is ornated with sequins to sublimate the Deity.

The symbol OM intertwines with the image of Ganesha. OM is the cosmic vibration which furthers the energy flow and favours the illimitability of the thoughts. There is no beginning and no end. One embraces all that exists in its purest form.

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Ganesha is the God half-man half-animal who represents the microcosm into the macrocosm. One of the mantras for his invocation is: OM Namah Ganapatye Namaha.


This picture is implemented like a collage. Each element is decorated with brocade , then thin silvery leaves are pasted to bring out detail, light and contrast.

Innovative technique and sleek design make the image of Ganesha outstanding, at the same time true to the tradition.

40cm x 55 cm. Weight 1.5 kg.

80,00 €

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