Half moon meditation bench

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Meditation bench from solid ash wood. The half moon shape allows easy crossing of the legs. This bench is the most rounded one of all our manufacture. The legs could be disassembled for easy transportation. Handcrafted by Bakchich Baba.


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Solid wood, slightly tilted forward, with 2 centimetres, to facilitate the recovery of the spine and more particularly the lumbar area.

There are various forms of meditation, various body positions to facilitate the concentration. The brain, the respiration could be held up in order to stimulate the connection to the dimensions of the sacred.

We've designed 5 different meditation benches so that everyone could find the bench most suitable for their own practice.


This bench has a half moon shape.


Length 37 cm. Width 14 cm.  Height 14 cm and 16 cm. Thickness 1,5 cm.

Weight 1,130 kg.

50,00 €

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